Are these alive?  Yes, terrariums include plants and they are alive.

How long do they last?  Like all plants, it depends on how you care for your terrarium. Typically, terrariums can last months to even years! (see TERRARIUMS)

What is a terrarium for?  Terrariums are great gift ideas! Add a little green to your indoor space with an eye-catching terrarium. Not only are they a great oxygen booster, terrariums are easy to care for and can be made in a variety of sizes.

How much sunlight does it need?  Terrariums need a few hours of indirect sunlight each day. (see CARE)

How much water does it need?  Depending on the size of the terrarium, it should be misted once a week. (see CARE)

Can I customize my own terrarium?  Floralis†ic can design special arrangements at a customer’s request. Please note that some of our succulents and cacti are seasonal (inquire for details/availability and pricing).

Can I pre-order a terrarium?  Yes, we take pre-orders for pick-up! We highly recommend you contact us in advance especially for special occasions and the holiday season.

Can I purchase a bulk-order?  Yes, Floralis†ic does bulk-orders especially for special events such as weddings, birthdays and corporate events (inquire for details and pricing).

Where is your store located? We’re currently listed on Etsy.com under the store name – Floralistic – you can also call us to place an order if you’re located in the Bay Area.